Noise Control:

Our operational experience, mixed with our technical expertise ensures industry leading, cost effective solutions. We are a full-scale service provider that can handle each project individually to produce tailored solutions every step of the way.

1. Know Your Baseline  Measure the existing noise in the area and understand your location prior to operation.

2. Identify Noise Sources and Measure What equipment will conduct the operation? Can Urban help with crew and equipment selection to avoid expensive retrofit or mitigation costs?

3. Generate Predicted Noise Impacts   Using specialized predictive sound software and operational knowledge, Urban’s engineers will generate a 3D model to proactively assess your operation’s potential impact(s) and mitigation needs.

4. Understand Operation and Adjust Accordingly What is feasible for adjustments to the operation, can we proactively mitigate and save on mitigation costs?

5. Collaborate, Innovate and Produce Holistic mitigation is not just about compliance, it is about the entire experience and impacts to directly impacted stakeholders. Urban Solution Group will produce technical mitigation plans and products for each stage of your operation that will work in tandem with social outreach mitigation plans for each stage of your operation.

6. Install and Execute Safety is Urban’s top priority. Our turnkey solution will be installed and managed by experts in mitigation installation and operational expertise.

7. Verify, Monitor and Communicate Urban’s follow up services can help verify noise levels and assist in the communication of operational compliance.


Visual Mitigation:

Knowing that each location is different, Urban helps our clients collaborate with the surrounding community, HOA and Local Governments to listen and understand their concerns.

Whether temporary or permanent, Urban can provide cost-effective visual mitigation options tailored for any environment.


Comprehensive Mitigation Plans:

The Urban Solution team has extensive expertise in mitigation planning and execution for both technical and social aspects of operations. Providing technical assessments of predicted impacts from industrial operations mixed with awareness of social issues and challenges, Urban will provide full-scale mitigation plans specific to each location and operation.

Experienced in comprehensive mitigation plans in urban and rural environments, Urban Solution Group will assess your location and provide scalable full-scale mitigation plans to ensure your operational success. Taking into account the social environment of the location, Urban will incorporate the predicted potential impacts specific to your equipment and provide a tailored mitigation plan for your operation.

Assessments for the following:

  • Noise

  • Light

  • Dust

  • Odor

  • Traffic/Access

  • Aesthetics

  • Cumulative Impacts Evaluation

  • Strategic Site Placement and Location Analysis


Stakeholder and Community Engagement:

Urban Solution Group’s team is equipped with 13 years public relations and communication experience in residential mitigation and community collaboration, outreach and engagement. Understanding the concerns of the community upfront, Urban Solution Group can work with our clients to tailor the mitigation plans to fit their specific needs. Proactive engagement and open communication with surrounding stakeholders is critical to successful urban operations.

Urban Solution Group will take lead on the strategic outreach and engagement for each location. Providing social mitigation plans that align with operational mitigation plans ensure a comprehensive, full-scale mitigation approach. Urban Solution Group offers strategic stakeholder communication plans and support for each operation.

Successful mitigation requires both technical equipment and proper communication with those directly impacted by industrial operations.