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Noise Modeling, Monitoring and Mitigation:

Urban’s industry leading acoustic engineering services can help to proactively plan and mitigate potential noise impact from various types of industrial development.  Our services support customers throughout the full project life cycle from planning and permitting through successful operational execution.

1. Planning – Know your Ambient baseline.  Measure the existing ambient noise in the proposed project area to understand your location prior to operation.

2. Planning - Identify Noise Sources and Predict Impact – Using specialized predictive sound software, ISO Standards, best in class methodology and operational knowledge, predictive noise models are developed to assess potential noise impact from a planned operation and any compliance challenges.

3. Permitting – Determine mitigation for operational compliance. Technical noise models and mitigation plans determine what mitigation is required to achieve compliance to achieve permit success.

4. Mitigate - Understand Operation and Adjust Accordingly.  What is feasible for adjustments to the operation, can we proactively adjust on the front and save on field mitigation costs?  Technical and operational expertise allow Urban to provide cost-saving mitigation solutions.

5. Compliance Verification – Continuous Monitoring – Urban’s robust field noise monitoring program provides piece of mind for customers throughout the duration of operation execution.  Live noise data streaming is accessed through Urban’s proprietary software NavPlanIQ. This service helps verify operational noise levels and can assist in the verification of operational compliance.

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Proactive Nuisance Impact Assessments

​The Urban’s team has extensive background in assessing potential nuisance impacts from industrial operations. Experienced in comprehensive mitigation plans in urban and rural environments, our team will take into account the social environment of the location, including density and proximity of humans and/or wildlife, to assess the predicted potential impacts specific to the planned operation or development.   

Assessments for the following:

  • Noise

  • Light

  • Dust

  • Odor

  • Traffic/Access

  • Aesthetics

  • Cumulative Impacts Evaluation

  • Strategic Site Placement and Location Analysis


Comprehensive Mitigation Planning:

​Urban’s team has extensive expertise in mitigation planning and execution for both technical and social aspects of operations. Providing technical assessments of predicted nuisance impacts from industrial operations mixed with awareness of social issues and challenges, Urban will provide full-scale mitigation plans specific to each location and operation.

Urban Solution Group will assess your location and provide comprehensive full-scale mitigation plans to ensure your operational success. Urban will incorporate the predicted potential impacts specific to your equipment and provide a tailored mitigation plan for your operation.

Mitigation Plans to include:

  • Noise

  • Light

  • Dust

  • Odor

  • Traffic/Access

  • Aesthetics

  • Cumulative Impacts


Stakeholder and Community Engagement:

Urban’s team is equipped with nearly 20 years of public relations and communication experience in residential mitigation and community collaboration, outreach and engagement. Understanding the concerns of the community upfront, Urban can work with our clients to tailor the mitigation plans to fit their specific needs. Proactive engagement and open communication with surrounding stakeholders is critical to successfully plan, permit and operate.

Urban Solution Group also now offers the NavPlanIQ platform that can assist in the tracking and management of all stakeholder engagement efforts. The platform comes embedded with tailored regulatory and stakeholder features to assist companies in complying with robust regulatory environments. The platform also has unique GIS mapping features that spatially tie technical and social data to individual project locations.

Successful mitigation requires both technical equipment and proper communication with those directly impacted by industrial operations.


Permitting, Grievance and Land Management:

Urban’s team can assist companies with permitting and execution success. Through proper stakeholder engagement throughout planning and execution, Urban supports customers in tracking grievance and land data information in one system with the NavPlanIQ software. Urban has the tools and the team to prepare companies for community meetings and hearings to achieve permit approval.


Urban’s NavPlanIQ is an out of the box software with specific regulatory functions and parameters to assist in permitting efforts. The Grievance Management System (GMS) is setup to track, monitor, resolve and report grievance and information tickets with stakeholders. It is a fully built ticket triage system that can be used for the entire life cycle of a project. There is a built in GIS spatial mapping feature of tickets by category and proximity, so companies can appropriately outline needs relative to project development.

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